Musical compagnies from Talilafet

© D.R.

The region of Tafilalet is an oasis located in the Sahara. Acting as a Moroccan Mesopotamia, it was the last step of caravans from the south for eleven centuries. From this place was born the music of Tafilalet. It was influenced by Berber, Arab, Andalusian and African music.

To celebrate this symphonic wedding, a musical event was organized in Erfound by the Centre Tarik Ibn Zyad and the Mihad Market in August 2002. Among the companies gathered, four formations had caught the attention of the organizers: the company Jellouli & Gdih, company Meskaoui, company El Hashemi Nhass and company El Hamri.

The latter was founded in 1981 in the sub-prefecture of Rachidia. It is led by Moulay Chérif El Hamri and represents the Tafilalet music style. Built around an instrumentation including an s’nitra, a lute and four traditional percussions, derbouka, bendir, taarija, târ (tambourine with cymbalettes), the band interprets the best of the baldi tradition. Very popular in the Cherifian kingdom, it has participated in various local festivals and has recorded about thirty audio albums, produced by major Moroccan labels such as Tahiri Disques.

Available album : The call of the oases