Ensemble Al-Umayri

The Sawt’s classical repertory and Arabic dialect is a source of inspiration for the Ensemble Al-Umayri, whose work has been greatly influenced by Abdallah Al Faraj, a nineteenth-century poet, composer and singer.

During its performance at the Institut du monde arabe for the second Music Festival on June 12 2001, the Ensemble Al-Umayri was conducted by Dr Salah Hamdane Al-Harbi, a musician and music specialist from Kuwait. Since 2017, he’s the second vice-president of the Academy of Arab Music (branch of the Arab League). He studies the relationship between the sea and music in Kuwait. Whether during the construction of the boats or on deck once at sea, the sailors used and manufactured instruments with the available materials. For example, oars are used in certain songs by Abdallah al Faraj.

Available album : The Sawt in Kowait