Concert — Meta, Incurve Life


Meta - photo Sylvain Gripoix
Meta © Sylvain Gripoix

Saturday the 27th of October at 5:30 PM
Auditorium (Level -2)

Composed as a reaction to the chaos of this world, Messaoud Kheniche, percussionist and singer, alias Meta’s latest project, Incurve Life, invokes the strength of art and probes the demiurgic parts of humanity. He gives his voice to the syncopated dance of a musical jazz ensemble (double bass, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone) accompanied with a string Quartet. Thus occur melodies, resembling therapeutic lullabies, viatiques for eternity. Rid of all format constraints, Meta’s music invents a story following a random course which follows life… It is suspended to Meta’s narrative voice that this lyrical and oneiric music, chants in a litany, in a sensitive range, the passage of time, change, the evolution without limits and the hopes of a rebirth. 

The disc comes out on the 1st of October 2019. This concert is its first live rendition. 


Meta | singing, percussions
Simon Tailleu | bass 
Michael Felderbaum | guitar
Pierre de Bethmann | piano
Karl Jannuska | percussions, drums 
Stéphane Guillaume | saxophones, Western concert flute
Felipe Saldivia | choir, guitar
Sylvain Gripoix | live illustrations
string Quartet: Maya Koch and Maud Ayats | violin, Flore-Anne Brousseau |alto and Frédéric Peyrat | cello 

Price : 20 € (full) | 16 € (reduced) | 12 € (under 26)

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