Arabosounds, the digital catalog of the Arab World Institute’s musical collection

The Arab World Institute offers a miscellaneous program of cultural activities: exhibitions, debates, forums, literary encounters, concerts, shows, film projections… they all spark curiosity, create dialogues and nurture knowledge. 

Carrying with this policy, Les Musicales project was initiated in 1993. This mosaic of magnificent concerts from all around the Arab and Muslim world is as bright and sumptuous as the Arab World Institute’s moucharabiehs. An opportunity to invite these musical genres on French stages. 

The Arab World Institute has been recording all the concerts as a patrimonial duty. Then, to expand the music beyond its walls, has produced its first record, marking the beginning of an unprecedented French collection called Les Musicales, it exhibits the diversity and richness of the Arab musical’s heritage as well as its Muslim and Mediterranean neighbors. 

In 2019, the catalogue holds 63 album and the collection has become a reference in traditional and contemporary Arabic music with the creation of the Moucharabieh sub-collection. While Les Musicales sustains Arabic and Islamic musical heritage, Moucharabieh is a springboard for musicians who blend tradition and personal creativity. 

Today, the catalog takes the leap to become a digital collection and is distributed on all major streaming and legal download platforms, as well as on music apps such as Shazam and TikTok. It is now available online at arabosounds.com. 

Arabosounds is a way to discover and rediscover the musical treasure of the Arab World Institute. It is the natural extension of Les Musicales and, as such, reveals the variety of this musical heritage not only through the music but also with texts and photographies.  

Music enthusiasts will be able to hear the Mediterranean influences, of course, and also others from Africa, the Western world and sometimes from Persian and Far East… As an open door on this collection, Arabosounds invites to experience this elegant cultural cross-over that unites us all.  No doubt that music plays an important social function. It magnifies collective and individual lives, escorts humankind through it journey, breaks geographical and imaginary borders. 

  • Director of Cultural Activities (IMA):
    • Marie Descourtieux
  • Head of strategy, Communication & External relations (IMA):
    • Romain Pigenel
  • Project Manager, Music Curator and Producer (IMA):
    • Dorothée Engel
  • Assistant Project Manager (IMA):
    • Lola Cavaillé Fol
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  • Counseling:
  • Art Director:
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