Ahallil de Gourara

Hadj Barka Foulani

Hadj Barka Foulani is one of the greatest interpreters of Ahallil. Born in 1949 in Timimoun in central west Algeria, he was initiated, supported and influenced by his father. At the age of 14, Hadj Barka Foulani took the first steps of his artistic career. As a young adult, he was a member of the civil protection. At 25, he decided to sing internationally. This took him to Czechoslovakia (1987), Spain (1988), France (1994) and Italy (1995).

The Ahallil, the poetic and musical genre which was his specialty, is emblematic of the Zenetes of the Gourara, most often practiced during collective ceremonies, which are religious and profane. This culture is threatened by globalization and the uniformization of civilizations, and the poet carries the memory, because it is up to him to speak the language, transmit its values, its history and sensitivity. Hadj Barka Foulani accomplishes this mission with talent, hypnotizing his public with his deep voice. 

Available album : Sacred songs from the Sahara