Yousra Dhahbi

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Born within a musical Tunisian family, Yousra Dhahbi’s passion for music started at a very young age. More than singing, it is the sonority of instruments that attracts her, and in particular that of the oud which has a range that varies depending on which fingers used on its box. Throughout her education, Yousra Dhahbi was confronted to the masculine prejudices according to which women did not have enough talent to play the oud. Moreover, her father thought musical studies would not be a good match for her. Refusing to be discouraged, Yousra Dhahbi accepted to rise to the challenge. Today she is an expert on the art of the maqam and masters improvisation. She plays on stage, alone or accompanied, and teaches the oud and oriental singing techniques, a work that she had already started at the National Conservatory of Tunis, where she was the director, before pursuing it in Switzerland where she has moved.

Available album : Rhapsody for Lute