Wassim Soubra

© Florence Gruère

Born in 1956, Wassim Soubra discovered music by timidly touching the piano keys in his home, in the heart of Beirut. It was his mothers and she played it every day: in the morning, to accompany the sunrise, or the evening, to make crepuscular lights dance. When he got his high school diploma at 18, he decided to travel to France and then Italy. Unfortunately, because of the Lebanese civil war, he had to stay in the European continent with his brothers and sisters and did not return home until five years later. Wassim Soubra then rediscovered his love for the piano in the middle of the ruins of his country. He played what he knew best Bach, Chopin, Mozart – but added a personal touch.

By using the rules of classical Western composition, he now composes an oriental history. The history of a man shaped by his travels and experiences. 

Available album : Oriental Sonatas