Karima Skalli

© Charlotte Wanduragala

Karima Skalli creates a sensation everytime she performs. Born in 1963, this beautiful voice of Marrakech impressed her father at 9 when she sang a capella “Aghadan Alqâk”, one of the most poignant and difficult song of Oum Kalthoum. She doesn’t think about making a career then. But a decisive encounter with the lutenist and composer Saïd Chraïbi, and the poet Abd al-Rafi al-Jouahri encourages her to embrace a professional career. Then, everything goes fast, especially when talented musicians as Naseer Shamma ask for her vocal contribution. Noticed at Cairo Opera House thanks to her cover version of one of Asmahan’s song, Karima Skalli is also a master in the sacred art.

Available albums :
A Tribute to Oum Kalsoum