Ihsan Rmiki

© Mohamed Métalsi

Ihsan Rmiki, born in 1960 in Morocco, is a singer and musician passionate about Sufi music, samaa and madîh, along with the mouwachchahates, a poetic Arab form that is sung and which was created during the 9th century in Andalusia. These songs have a strong spiritual value and, for Ihsan Rmiki, being on the scene permits an introspection. More than a return to sacred music, it is a return towards traditional Moroccan music as it had been performed in collective ways during festivities. 

Ihsan Rmiki privileges encounter and dialogue in her musical approach: with the great Moroccan masters and foreigners that are students at the El Qasr Al Kabir conservatory at the North of Morocco and also in Marrakesh, with the musicians that accompany her during her performances, with the public she invites along her musical journey. With her melodious voice, she revives ancestral traditions, offering to Andalusian musical expression the exaltation of an accomplished interpreter. 

Available album : Al-samaa: Estatic spiritual audition