Concert – Raja Meziane, icône RnB de la “Révolution du sourire”


Raja Meziane ©Dee Tox

Dimanche 8 mars à 17h30
Auditorium (niveau -2)

Since her first appearance in the Algerian “The Voice” (2007), her Revolution, true call to rebellion launched in 2013, then her exile in Prague (this music lover is also a former law student whose was deprived of attorney’s certificate because of her opposition to the government) from where she submerges the internet and the social medias with clips and engaged songs with helps from her husband and the producer Dee Tox, Raja Meziane became the incorruptible voice of Algerian youth.

Released on March 2019, ten days after the start of the “Smile Revolution”, her song Allo le Système resonated widely with protesters and has 40 million views on Youtube. The Hirak has only strengthened her creativity, and her titles Toxic or Rebelle have been viewed by millions of people. Last October, she appeared on the BBC’s list of the hundred most influential women in the world. And on the first of November, she joined the Algerians from France who marched in Paris in support of the hirak.

Distribution :
Kheireddine Mkachiche : violin
Zineddine Kendou : keyboard
DJ Dee Tox

Full price: 20 €
Reduced: 16 €
-26 years old: 12 €

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