Concert – Algérie Belek Belek


Sofiane Saidi ©Aurore Vinot

Saturday the 7th of march a 8.30pm
La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues |9, rue Gabrielle-Josserand, 93500 Pantin

Belek Belek: “Watch out! “, “Be careful!”, is known in the language of young Algerians as the signal to hide from adults when you listen to raï too loud in a car late at night. Belek Belek is like Cheb Abdou’s song, “Watch out, be careful if you leave me or if you cheat on me”. Belek Belek, as a cry between young people but also “Belek to you“, as a cry of kindness, of rallying.
Algeria Belek Belek! is the title Sofiane Saidi chose. This man is the native singer of Sidi Bel Abbès and he took over the fate of raï 2.0 during this evening specially created for Banlieues Bleues and the festival Arabofolies of IMA. He imagined an exceptional musical production to reveals an unknown Algeria. It’s always the same story: the exceptional Rimitti was not broadcasted on the radio, no medahates were sang on television, gay raï always had to hide, rap or EyEy stay in the underground… But it is always within the least tolerated artistic forms that new cultural revolutions take place. Hence this evening, whose distribution (in progress) will align several artists, different generations and uncontrolled music styles – from raï to blues, wedding songs to energic EyEy techno – to immerse us in a celebration of music, in warmth and energy in tune with the Algeria from today.

A Banlieues Bleues & Institut du monde arabe coproduction

Full price: 20 €
reduced: 16 €
-26 years old: 12 €

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