Abir Nasraoui

© Charlotte Wanduragala et Hugues de Maulmin

Abir Nasraoui was born in 1976 in Kasserine, a town in the Tunisian Midwest. She grows up in a family for whom Music is a full family member. Therefore, after her high-school degree, she studies Musicology at the University of Tunis and the Paris-Sorbonne University. She specializes in world music.

On stage, Abir Nasraoui endorses the titles of all great names of Arab world songs, as the ones of Oum Kalthoum, Asmahan or the male singer Hédi Jouini. But she doesn’t limit herself neither to covers of great Arab songs, nor to an exclusively traditional repertoire. She is also a songwriter: she shapes her very own repertoire, that she performs on prestigious stages as the Cairo Opera House or the Festival of Carthage. Wherever she sings, she seduces the audience’s ear and guides them through emotions and romances in a musical journey.

Available album :
A Tribute to Oum Kalsoum