Abdelkrim Raïs

© D.R.

Born around 1912, Haj Abdelkrim Raïs is the worthy heir of contemporary Moroccan Arabo-Andalusian music. Before him, the great Abdeslam Al-Brihi had been the guardian of this art. An art he transmitted to his son Mohamed Benabdeslam Al-Brihi who will be Abdelkrim Raïs’ master in his youth.

Mohamed Benadeslam Al-Brihi passed away young (in 1944) but had time to teach Abdelkrim Raïs how to play the rebâba (sort of fiddle). In his honor, Abdelkrim Raïs named his band after him when he took over and became the new master.

As a talented musician, Abdelkrim Raïs directed the Conservatory of Music in Fez and wrote two books. The first one, published in 1982, is his personal version of Mohamed ibn al-Hasan al Haik’s poems. The second one, published in 1985, is a transcription in Latin alphabet of the Ghribat Al-Hussay Nuba. 

Although he dies in 1996, Haj Abdelkrim Raïs is still considered as one of the best known rebabists of Moroccan Arab-Andalusian music. 

Available album : Andalusian music from Fes