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Nassima, is an Algerian singer and musician born in 1959. Raised in the Arab-Andalusian musical tradition she joined the Conservatory of her hometown, Blida, at seven to learn from the great masters. Hajj Medjbar taught her instrumental techniques while Dahmane Ben Achour revealed the secrets of the art of the nouba. As one of the best pupils, she quickly obtained a solo position in the ensemble El Widadia and started collaborating with the band Nedjma. Her professional career took off and she began to play on the international scene across the five continents.

Although she has an Arab-Andalusian musical background, she is also interested in Sufism, a similar genre. She sings about love, joys of reunion and pain of separation. All those themes are dear to Sufism which tells the passion of the divine and spiritual drunkenness.

In 1994, she moved to France and, when she goes on stage, she feels right at home. With her oud by her side, she sings in her native language and recreate the landscapes of her native country. 

Available albums :
The Sufi Spirit, the Spirit of Love
Andalousian music from Algiers