Ensemble Muhammad bin Fâris

Muhammad bin Faris Ensemble pays tribute to the composer and his disciple Dahi bin Walid. The ensemble consists of three singer-lutenists  Zayed Atiq, Anwar al-Qattan and Khaled al-Shaer, the qanun player Husain Aseeri, the violonist Abdullah Khiri and five percussion players, who are also members of the chorus: Saad al-Jaffal, Anwar Ahmed, Yaqoob Bujaffal, Yusuf al-Shomali and Aref Bucheeri. It is important to note that when a soloist has finished his turn in the singing, he goes back to the ensemble and becomes part of the chorus and kaffaf. The ensemble was conducted here by Esam al-Jowdar.

Habib Yammine
Translated by Délia Morris

Available album : The Sawt of Bahrain