Khaled Aljaramani

© Waël Khalifa

Born in 1972, Khaled Aljarami is a Syrian musician raised in the Druze village of Soueïda. Throughout his childhood, he was submerged in rich sonorities of oud, all while being brought up within a family where the instrument had a strong presence. Initially an interpreter, he is also an author, composer and singer. He uses the oud as a medium for creation and innovation. Franc and just in his art and his life, he was imprisoned for 9 months when he was 19 years old for protesting the military intervention in Iraq. He subsequently went on to study at the High Institute of Music and Theatre in Damas, where he taught until 2011. Having witnessed the evolution of the political situation in Syria, he decided to pursue his career in France.  He has, since then, contributed to multiple musical projects and notably, Interzone with the guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay and the group Bab Assalam. Having accumulated experiences and encounters, he combines color and tone in his creative and innovative compositions where the traditional is never totally forgotten.

Available album : Athar