Concert — Yazz Ahmed


Yazz Ahmed © Giulietta Verdon Roe
Yazz Ahmed © Giulietta Verdon Roe

Friday the 25th of October at 8pm
Auditorium (Level -2)

Capturing part of the dream inherited from her country of origin, Bahrein, the young trumpetist musician and composer Yazz Ahmed has managed to find herself a place amid a boiling London scene. 

A rising figure within a new wave of British artists aspiring to open up the genres and renew jazz codes, she manages to masterfully combine Arab jazz, minimalist music, psychedelic genres and even post-rock by the sides of Kamasi Washington, Yussef Kamaal or Shabaka Hutchings and conjugates jazzy swirls and Oriental chants in the pursuit of a meditative adventure of sounds, all thanks to grace and mystery.

The galvanizing and crystallin tempo of Ralph Wyld’s vibraphone relayed by the power of Martin France’s drums and the pulsation of David Manington’s electric bass, propels the imaginary in a muffled universe that is also fluffy and navigates the soul on rhythmic and unexpected waves. It is in a dusky atmosphere that Yazz Ahmed’s intimate breathing orchestrates its hierarchal sounds to better surround us with a bewitching halo. 

This concert presents Polyhymnia, her new album, which comes out on the 11th of October 2019.


Yazz Ahmed | trumpet, flugelhorn
George Crowley | Bass clarinet
Alcyona Mick | piano, keyboard
Ralph Wyld | vibraphone
Dudley Phillips | bass
Martin France | drums 
Vasilis Sarikis | percussions

Prices : 20 € (full) | 16 € (reduced) | 12 € (-under 26 ans)

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