Adîb al-Dâyikh

Adib-al-Dayikh et Julien-Weiss (c) Association Al-Kindi

Adib al-Dayikh was born in Aleppo, in Northern Syria in 1939. Son of Cheikh Mohammed, great master munshid of Aleppo, he was raised in the tradition of sufism, working on singing and the art of storytelling. Talented, he could cover three octaves in his tenor tune. He quickly became successful. From the 1960s and onwards, Adib al-Dayikh was reputed for his qualities as a reader, chanter and tailor of the Quran. Fast enough, he turned towards singing interpreting profane and mystical ghazals (love poems). Admired in the Arab World, this exceptional interpreter has been emulated. Ever since, according to Bernard Moussalli (1953 to 1996) important specialist on the subject, “many were the musicians to imitate his style of singing because he rehabilitated savant Syrian art and stood up to commercial caricatural productions in the Middle East”. 

Adib al-Dayikh gave his last concert at the International Fair of Damascus in Syria, at the age of 63 before dying of a cerebrovascular accident in 2001. 

Available album : Courtly love